Campaign for joggers to wear a bell! 

I don't run. I do walk though. And I walk with three dogs. Not just any dogs. Jack Russells. Jack Russells are great, I've had six. They are kind, loving, loyal, and don't take up too much room in bed... They are known for their ability to be 'ratters' - that's why they're popular on … Continue reading Campaign for joggers to wear a bell! 

Budget meals: bacon

I've found a totally tasty treat. It's from my new favourite store, Lidl. For £1.50 you can buy one kilo of uncooked bacon. Ok, it's not a neat lump, and could be made of a few chunks, but once it's cooked you can't tell. If you ever buy a bacon hock joint from the hot … Continue reading Budget meals: bacon

Lovely grub: how to prepare & cook Lamb hearts

OK! I know! Sounds disgusting - but it's not! I'm a fan of offal, it makes 'good grub' as my mum says (that's her in the photos preparing the hearts). They are very tasty- if you've ever had pigeon breast, it's a bit like that texture and taste. Offal makes a cheap meal. I stick … Continue reading Lovely grub: how to prepare & cook Lamb hearts

Education goes retro

The experiment is starting Generally I'm fond of retro, especially as I most likely already have that look in my wardrobe; have got the record in my collection - and on vinyl (who knew!); know how to make a prawn cocktail - and no one knows that I'm not hip, ha! just old! But for our … Continue reading Education goes retro

David Bowie

Starman 11:01:16

When I heard David Bowie had a new album - I thought 'great!. I love David Bowie's music, I grew up with it, he was the music of my youth. I first went to see him in concert on his World Tour 1978 in London, I was 18, just finished my 'A' levels - it … Continue reading Starman 11:01:16

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

2015 was a year for learning for me. The highlights being: Using WordPress to create super sites, not just readymade template sites, but really customisable sites. Getting to grips with Social media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat - making sure my profiles are right and learning a few tricks like pinning posts, using hash tags, … Continue reading Happy New Year! 

Are you ready?

Well, are you? Are you ready for Christmas? I'm ready. I've bought gifts. The turkey is in the fridge. Sprouts are keeping cool in the shed. Pudding is purchased. But I'm just not in the mood for Christmas this year. And anyway - where the hell did the year go?  Also I can't help but … Continue reading Are you ready?

Worst nightmare! 

Remember the old days, before mobile phones- when we didn't know where our loved ones were until they came home? I don't know how my mum and dad coped, my brothers and I  were always out and about without a care or thought!  Lidl have opened a new supermarket - it's mega busy because its … Continue reading Worst nightmare! 

Dogs … choosing a ball

Fact: my dog Eva has an OCD for projectiles. She is not just a dog liking a ball, she is mental for them. You could throw a ball or frisbee or anything all day long for her. If you go in the garden she will follow you everywhere dropping a ball or anything else she can … Continue reading Dogs … choosing a ball

Give thanks for thanksgiving!

We haven't  actually adopted thanksgiving, but we have definitely adopted Black Friday and Cyber Monday - which is a MASSIVE opportunity for shops to sell you old stock a bit cheaper so that you can give them as xmas pressies, or just 'fill your boots'!  Last year we Brits spent £810m on online purchases alone, … Continue reading Give thanks for thanksgiving!