Buying online 

If you find a short white hair on something you bought online- I apologise. I’d probably already tried it on. My dogs you see have fur than is only attracted to any new items of clothing- or anything you have ironed and are wearing for a special ‘event’.

Did you notice?!

Event is written ‘event’ as that is a new word my just teenage daughters friend has taken to using instead of actually saying where she is going. We can’t decide if she cannot:

a) remember where she is or was going- or

b) it’s a secret (and other friends were invited and my daughter was excluded – or

c) she can’t be bothered to explain- and finally

d) she doesn’t want to share her life around.

In any case I have decided that this is an unpleasant trait and my usual defence mechanism has kicked in and I am taking the power out of ‘event’ by making fun of it.

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