Too many friends?

I had a friend a good few years ago who firmly believed that you could have too many friends, so it was their (in the spirit of MX they shall be gender free!) practice to cull the excess! I fell into that cull after a few years when our lives stopped overlapping. I found it hurtful, but was accepting that this was their way. They liked order. I’m more the faithful dog type and if you become my friend, and you respect my feelings, you stay being my friend. And my few five star besties- are my life treasures. Friends may not talk for weeks, months sometimes years, but that’s ok – we can pick up where we left off! I relish a friend new or old!

So – this weekend is going to be exciting for me. Because I love catching up with friends. On Friday I will see a fairly new friend & some – I hate the phrase acquaintances- so here’s a new word ffriends (friends of friends, or people I’m friendly with, but haven’t shared part of my life with) – let’s use a double f at the beginning of a word – I’m inventing it, so why not! I’m also hoping to see a very good friend who I work with a lot, whose home hairdresser I blag appointments with. Plus definitely one friend – possibly lots more – at a school alumni on Sunday. Can’t wait!


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