Look twice!

Here is Tommy, on first look, he looks like he is snarling but he is in fact smiling – yes dogs do smile!

The first time I saw him smile was on old Colwyn bay beach, it was empty, and so big, the tide had gone out so it was firm underfoot- he didn’t know where to run first! We’d driven up to Wales from Huntingdon that day, snaking up the M6 – slow traffic adding hours to the journey – so he had been in the car dog crate or on a lead for hours. He was in dog heaven! It was my brother-in-law Chris who spotted it first as Tommy came running towards us ‘you’ve got a smiler – I’ve only had one dog smile like that!’ . Since that day, I get a big smile from Tommy every time I come home, triple the love with a tail wag and a big lick too!