Hand up – I’m addicted to blab! Used to be that you’d find me listening to BBC radio 4, or 2, but now it’s blab! I listen to it like talk radio, the advantage being that you can jump in a conversation either ‘face to face to face to face’ – there are 4 ‘seats’ – or comment live on a Twitter like feed, it in fact uses Twitter a lot as its announcement platform. It’s great, full of subjects as diverse as conversations on business, women’s groups, DJs, live painting- pretty much anything you can think of. 

I came across something weird and troubling though, a guy was running a blab talking about self confidence as a designer, and was periscoping it at the same time, how much exposure do you want, how big an ego do you have, most importantly- why!?! 

Top tip for going on blab – either tidy the space behind you, get a backdrop, bit of nice lighting & have an interest in what you are watching! 

If you want to know a bit more about blab, have a look at this.