Be young, be foolish

I met with a VERY old school friend on Sunday at a school alumni lunch. We’d both got an invite so were excited at the prospect of who we might meet – would we remember anyone – will they look the same?! Of course the older you get, the more you realise that no one really changes, they just usually – put on weight, glasses and suffer from myopic dress sense. Which does you make you think more about your own parents, all those years when you thought they had no idea, they had every idea, which is why you got in so much trouble!

Anyway the excitement was dulled by most of the actual alumni members who came, not because they weren’t interesting, but as I’d guess them as having been at school in the 1950s or earlier – they weren’t our old mates. The ‘young’ ones gravitated together. We filled a table of eight and had been at school at at around the same time, but hadn’t travelled in the same circles. Anyway- it was great to go around the school, the rather fabulous Hinchingbrooke House. Sixth form was pretty much up there as the best time ever for me. A time when I was ‘finding myself’, made life-long friends, a time when I dared, a time when I was foolish.

So here I am again, hitting the foolish button – and I like it! I wanted a go on that swing, and I took it! It’s a massive birdcage in fact, just outside Kings Cross – and next time I go, I will go on it again!

That’s me top left