Emoji emoji

I have decided – emojis are banned from my vocabulary.

They invite inarticulacy, they are bright and shiny – but will make our children lazy. You don’t say I ❤️ you. I heart you. You say I love you. And spell check means that you just need to have a stab at getting the spelling and grammar right. So why even bother trying to get it right? Auto correct can’t turn a bad phrase good, only correct literal errors. We have around 171, 000 words listed in the Oxford English Dictionary – of which we only use between 12-20, 000. To hear someone like Will Self talk – who must command double the average vocabulary- is magical; or to read the words written by a wonderful writer like Sarah Waters, is pure pleasure. I’m not saying use use 10 words instead of one – I am an advocate of plain English- but if we can’t articulate what we are feeling, or need, the mantra ‘nobody understands me’ may become more and more common.

They say emoji is a new language. I say use it with caution.

Emoticons, however – can’t live without those – and I hate it when then get turned into emoji without asking!


3 thoughts on “Emoji emoji

  1. LOL that last sentence. I understand where you’re coming from. I like to use emojis just to emphasize my point, or to add humor. My vocabulary could use help as well though 😡


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