Northern soul 

For the first time, in a long time, I went out to dance. I know how long it’s been because I discovered I was expecting my daughter a few weeks after the last time I went out to dance – that was 14 years ago.

The occasion was a charity northern soul weekender organised by Kev and Denise – old friends of mine who do it in memory of Baz Redman  who died of prostate cancer a year ago. He was my age. His funeral was perhaps the most touching I’ve been to. We chose his northern records to play and left words to say, it was a woodland burial and 100 or so came, followed but a night of DJs playing the music he loved – tragic, but magic. He left his wife Maggie this song, my favourite in fact – by Carla Thomas -I’ll never stop loving you 

The music is infectious, you can’t help but dance, a mix of Motown, R&B – every song has a story – a lot of them about love. And it’s music with texture, a brass section talking to percussion, the singer talking to your soul. Anyway, I had gone with my brother- we were there for the start at 8pm on the Saturday section of the weekender – I had on my dancing shoes, flat leather soled & Italian, still in good shape. So I got myself a space and introduced my body back to its dance memory. By 9 I had moved to the floor, my old broken ankle was on its best behaviour.  I doubt I looked that good, but no one cares, everyone is just there to dance. It was a great night, catching up with old friends, old sounds. It went on til 4, but I caved at 12.30. Home for a welcome cup of tea and bed!
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