Dogs and physics

I have three dogs, they are Jack Russells, two girls, one boy; one is the pup of the other two. My dogs love the morning – because they know that something is going to happen. That something is a mile-long walk. Because they have the expectation, there is a ritual that they go through – eating as much food as they can, finding the leads, playing tug with the leads, and generally ignoring any command from me:





This goes on for maybe 10 mins while I am getting on my coat & wellies and finding some treats to put in my back pocket (I know, I should use a food pouch, I have had pockets eaten out!).

This morning it was raining. They did the food ritual, both the leads rituals. We got to the gate, we got through the gate. One dog – Eva was trying to run – while on the lead – as she is ball obsessed. Tommy is still playing tug with his lead. Bunty, well she decided she wasn’t going, it was raining & her dog sense told her it was going to get heavier (it did). So how does one dog vs. two similar sized dogs and a human being manage to stop the walk? It must be physics – one immovable object etc! Upshot was we all went back home and waited for the rain to stop!

No, I am not going!