I am the prize

… a lesson in feeling good about yourself

Blab is my new favourite thing. I have switched from Radio to Blab. You learn so much on Blab – it is brimming with Social Media experts, Life coaches, Business coaches, List builders, Tech guys, there’s a DJ, there are social ‘hangouts’- plus a fair bit of questionable stuff. Go check it out.


Today I jumped in a Blab with Melanie – a sales trainer (@rdsalestraining). The chair was empty, so I thought I would ask about cold-calling – or sales calls in general for a novice (who likes doing that? NO ONE!). Her top tip – and my new mantra. YOU (that’s me) are the prize. What I offer can change a business for the better, so if they don’t want to use me – it’s their loss! Is that American – am I too British – too reticent? Are we too shy to put ourselves forward, front row, hand-up for the counting? I think so. Its time for a change!

Learn to respect yourself  – you are the prize!