Spring forward, fall back

It was lovely on Sunday morning to lay in bed without feeling guilty – weekdays I am usually up at 6.30 ish; Sundays an extra hour if I’m not taking mum to the early church service (once a month), so two hours lolling about was fantastic!

Of course you don’t really get an hour, you are just trying to adjust your body clock to the the end of British Summer time that the whole country will now be adhering too. (Which isn’t called British Winter time, just NOT Summer time!) .

I was thinking – it would be fantastic, in a Doctor Who way, to have an hour to go back and do something differently. To right a wrong, to un-say something, to not shoot from the lip – something which I am unfortunately VERY good at.

Well, you can’t, you have to live with your mistakes. So tend your digital footprint because what you say can’t be unsaid…