She wore a thin smile …

I wanted to say she wore a richter smile, because I swear that’s what I heard listening to a play on Radio 4 while driving on Saturday afternoon- but I can’t match the reference. So maybe I imagined it. Now it’s in my head, it now has to be shared and tested.

A richter smile

I wonder, would that describe a smile that erupted from nothing, or a smile that crashed, that fell apart? When I heard it – and I may have mis-heard it, in context, I imagined it to be a smile that was alive, but turned dead, a lifeless smile. You know one of those false smiles that stops at the lips, that doesn’t reach the eyes, a smile that makes you feel unimportant, uninvited and uncomfortable.

We can register so much from so little. Little nuances in eye contact, pupil reaction, the strength of a gaze, the shape of the eye, how the face reacts around a smile. The pressure in a touch, the tone of voice.

It’s amazing how quickly we suss each other out. Animal instinct, we rely on that to keep us from harm. Trust your instincts, they are usually right!