Mice pies

Yes, mice pies, well, no – not really mice pies – it’s  a typo! 

So, easy mistake, wouldn’t have been caught by spell check. It may not even be noticed as your brain will realise by mice pie you meant mince pie and would ignore it!

In my experience as a graphic designer (www.fuz.co.uk), typos slip through. Everyone will have read it, read it again and it’s not until a professional proof reader, or at least a literate newcomer to a project, reads it – usually just before it goes to press/live with ‘fresh eyes’, that it’s picked up. If that stage gets by passed for some reason, a typo is guaranteed!

So, if you’ve got something important to write, have it read by someone not involved until you are ready to publish. Because a mistake can sneak in early and make a home, you just won’t notice. Until it’s published of course!!

  • mince
  • mice
  • mine
  • ince

… Make that: Mulled wine and mince pies