Don’t chuck that! … Strawberries 

You know how it is, you go shopping, strawberries look nice, mmmm yeah – fancy them – you buy them. Then, you get home and … well, you don’t fancy them. You gaze past them every time you open the fridge. And before you know it, they are looking, well, decidedly UNattractive. A bit shrivelled, green bits are curly…

What to do? It’s a waste to throw them. (Something has to trying to walk out of my fridge before it gets chucked!) And the strawberries would still taste nice. In my recipe book there are a few options, depending on what else is in the cupboard and which day of the week it is:

  1. Jam – for this you need at least 500g or more to make it worthwhile, plus jars, sugar & lemon or Apple (and an hour at least)
  2. Cheesecake- much bigger ingredient list, digestives, butter, mascapone, cream, jelly or gelatine (an hour and overnight in the fridge) – good to make on a Saturday for Sunday lunch when we definitely have a pud!
  3. Smoothie – the dreary strawberries and any other sorry looking fruit or veg blitzed – this is a more of a breakfast option for me
  4. Milkshake – just add milk and a little sugar – if you’re feeling extravagant, a spoon of vanilla ice cream. Blitz!

There you go, option 4!

Or, you could pop them in a freezer bag to make any of the above when you feel like it!