Give thanks for thanksgiving!

We haven’t  actually adopted thanksgiving, but we have definitely adopted Black Friday and Cyber Monday – which is a MASSIVE opportunity for shops to sell you old stock a bit cheaper so that you can give them as xmas pressies, or just ‘fill your boots’!  Last year we Brits spent £810m on online purchases alone, and this year Black Friday is lasting about 10 days!! We shall be exhausted by Christmas, all spent out. Which may be a good thing. Maybe people will realise Christmas is in fact a religious holiday – the most important one we have, and not just a reason to over indulge and overspend. 

We could adopt thanksgiving too I guess. We can tick off a few criteria, and after all – we are all ‘global’ ‘local’ too these days! It is a national holiday and was / is observed as a religious holiday; it commemorates a harvest festival- we don’t have any pilgrim fathers -BUT – they did come from here! 

Upside would be an extra holiday weekend and turkey – downside could also be turkey!