Worst nightmare! 

Remember the old days, before mobile phones- when we didn’t know where our loved ones were until they came home? I don’t know how my mum and dad coped, my brothers and I  were always out and about without a care or thought! 

Lidl have opened a new supermarket – it’s mega busy because its new, and it’s good value. I love Lidl, especially the mini stollen mmmm! The downside is that it’s turned a 6 minute journey to the station to pick up my daughter into an unknown. 

So here we are, third day of opening, it’s 4.15, every mum must have gone straight from school, there is possibily a shunt – who knows – it was chaos. The road was totally backed up. So thinking like a ‘bear hunt’ – we can’t go through it, we must go round it. Brainwave, I can get to about a 5 min walk from the station if I drive to some flats that have a walk through to the station- great idea. So I call Bea- we’ve biked that route, she knows where it is, we usually stop at little Tesco for ice cream as part of the ride. I get there, park and expect her to arrive any minute. It’s totally dark, we almost at the winter solstice- the shortest day. Another minute, I call. Answerphone. I text. I walk to the cut-through. No sign. I call. I go back to the car – did I miss her. I call again. I walk out again. Meet a young mum with a buggy. ‘I’ve just come from the station, I’m sure she is fine’. I start thinking about the flats. So many. Who lives here. I recall someone saying there were druggies there. Crap. I call again. She answers (PHEW!) ‘ I’m on my way to little Tesco’ argh! ‘ I said the flats!’ ‘I thought you meant Tesco !’. Ice cream ruse perhaps? Duh!

Was I scared? Did every murder mystery I’d ever watched or read play out in my mind? Oh yes!