Are you ready?

Well, are you? Are you ready for Christmas?

I’m ready. I’ve bought gifts. The turkey is in the fridge. Sprouts are keeping cool in the shed. Pudding is purchased. But I’m just not in the mood for Christmas this year.

And anyway – where the hell did the year go?  Also I can’t help but think about friends and family lost this year. Lost from my life. And lost for no good reason.

I need to flip the switch in my head. To look, and live forward – as back is the unchangeable hinterland. Forward is promise and hope.

I guess that’s what makes Christmas so special. It’s a ‘no-mans land’ of time that gives us space to deal with those chagrin thoughts, and wrap them up to protect ourselves from them gnawing away at our ‘why’ thoughts, and turn them into thankful to be healthy, happy and loved thoughts. The reflective time of Christmas culminating with the hopefulness and resolution of a New Year.

I say this knowing that some can’t escape the pain of the past, they get lost in the ‘no-mans-land’, and for those people we must all wish and pray that they are not overwhelmed.

So let’s – go with it, reflect – be thankful, show love. Happy Christmas – remember that it’s a time of birth and hope!

“what day is it today again?”