Starman 11:01:16

When I heard David Bowie had a new album – I thought ‘great!. I love David Bowie’s music, I grew up with it, he was the music of my youth. I first went to see him in concert on his World Tour 1978 in London, I was 18, just finished my ‘A’ levels – it was a treat.

As a sixth-former and then art student, he was everything I wanted to be. Different. Different because he was different, and he was just being himself. On that he insisted. He wasn’t trying to be like anyone else – not a wannabe – just a ‘be’ing.

This morning, a message alert flashed on my phone – ‘Bowie dead at 69’.


I was really upset. I was really shocked and surprised at just how upset I was. I cried. I was stunned.

All those musical memories came back, who I was with, how I felt, what I did, what I thought, where I went. So it was a long day. Bowie has impacted my musical memory all my adult life, and before!

I listened to ‘Blackstar’ with a new perspective. It was his parting gift. His last song.

As the day went on, it was clear I was not alone. Tributes on the radio all day. Callers reminiscing first concerts, magical moments. Tweets all day – at 4 pm there had already been 3.5 million tweets.

Goodbye my major muse. Today you stopped the world.

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