Budget meals: bacon

I’ve found a totally tasty treat. It’s from my new favourite store, Lidl.

For £1.50 you can buy one kilo of uncooked bacon. Ok, it’s not a neat lump, and could be made of a few chunks, but once it’s cooked you can’t tell.

If you ever buy a bacon hock joint from the hot counter, it tastes just like that. Use it for sandwiches, or make a dinner with it by adding egg and chips, or cut it up into chunks and put onto a pizza.

  • Unwrap the joint and soak in water for an hour or two.
  • Put the bacon into a casserole and almost cover with fresh water. If the casserole has a lid, put that on, if not cover with foil.
  • Cook for 1- 1.25 hrs at gas 5, or straight in the Aga.

That’s it!
I leave mine in the liquid it was cooked in and the meat stays lovely and moist.