Campaign for joggers to wear a bell! 

I don’t run. I do walk though. And I walk with three dogs. Not just any dogs. Jack Russells.

Jack Russells are great, I’ve had six. They are kind, loving, loyal, and don’t take up too much room in bed… They are known for their ability to be ‘ratters’ – that’s why they’re popular on farms. 

Think about a rat, it runs, Russells love to chase, then grab their prey (OK, if it’s a rat, it’s toast). If it’s running- to a Russell- that’s fair game, it’s prey. Like us, dogs don’t like surprises. And they really don’t like:

  1. Being approached silently from behind
  2. Strangers, approaching silently from behind
  3. For anything to be running, from behind or in front 
  4. Having to be dragged out of the way of delicious looking ankles 

So I am campaigning for joggers to wear a bell, because quite frankly I don’t like someone running up behind me in their silent sneakers and frighten the ‘be-Jesus’ out of me. And I don’t like to deprive my dogs of a good ankle munch ( that’s not true – my dogs are kept on leads unless they are in a totally safe zone where I can see all who might come near! )

Are you with me?!